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The safest bets for the 2022 World Cup

The safest bets for the 2022 World Cup

The 2022 World Cup is currently ongoing. Many fans are excited about watching their favorite teams play and win their matches, even if it doesn’t happen all the time. Some punters are also taking advantage of the season to make bets and make some profit out of the 2022 World Cup season, which many bookmakers like link vwin offer bets on. If you’re wondering how to do the same, this article is for you.

There are risky and safe bets to make during the 2022 World Cup. For today’s article, we’ll play it safe and explain the bets with the least risk involved so you can have fun while betting without necessarily having big losses.

What are the safest bets for the 2022 World Cup?

1.    Over/Under

The over/under market is quite easy to predict and can be profitable if you make the right guesses. It’s about guessing whether the score will go over or under the spread. The spread can look different in every sportsbook, and multiple aspects can be considered to define it, such as the matchup, the teams, and the current stage they’re in. Either way, it’s one of the safest bets you can make because it is easy to predict the outcome.

2.    First to score

The first-to-score market implies guessing who the first team to score in the match will be. It’s easy and can leave you with early earnings if you guess the right team. Both teams have the same probability of scoring for the first time.  Hence, this bet can be quite safe if you don’t want to analyze complicated factors. Still, some research is recommended to ensure that what you’ve predicted is accurate and will let you take the wager.

3.    Asian Handicap

Last but not least, we have the Asian handicap. This bet consists of taking two teams and betting on whether one will have a better score than the other. If the match ends up in a draw, you’ll be refunded, and it will be like nothing has happened. It is one of the safest bets since there’s almost no risk involved. Plus, it’s quite easy to understand, and you might be able to predict the outcome without too much effort.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of opportunities to bet on the 2022 World Cup. Since there are many matches still happening, you have some time to place your bets and earn some money. The bets explained above are easy and can be very profitable, as they don’t require in-depth planning and mostly rely on luck to win.